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Love Your Gut 28 Day Habit Reset Group Programme

Make a decision your future self will thank you for! You service your vehicle every so often, surely your body deserves the same maintenance! When you improve your gut health, you open the doorway to improving your overall health. It is possible to thrive when you take care of yourself and have the knowledge to do so and this is how life was intended to be. We weren’t designed to be sick, tired and lacking in energy. We are supposed to thrive in vibrant good health everyday!

What can you expect?

The aim of the Love your gut 28 day habit reset is not for you to feel deprived!! We offer tasty substitutes for the foods you love which contribute to a happy gut and remove the inflammatory foods which unfortunately create an unhappy gut. The idea is to give your gut a break and the chance to reset and rebalance while empowering you with the tools and knowledge to make better choices that still allow you to enjoy the flavours you love and enjoy. We also start to repopulate your beneficial gut bacteria which ultimately leads to less cravings as we tend to crave what our gut bacteria are craving when we have an imbalance. We will introduce easy, daily health habits such as brisk walks and breath work to help regulate bodily functions and overall gut health which will lead to better health all round. When your gut is happy- you’re happy! I have plenty of easy lifestyle hacks to help with better digestion and health and I can’t wait to share them all with you! Please find a list of everything the Love your Gut 28 day habit reset will include: Recipe book Juice/ smoothie/ soup recipe book 3 day juice/ liquid cleanse Weekly group zoom session Facebook group for daily moral support Weekly guide Supplier recommendations

Health Benefits 

What results can you expect from embarking on this Love your gut 28 day habit reset and integrating these new learned habits into your lifestyle moving forward: 


Reduced food cravings

Better quality sleep

Regular bowel movements

More energy

Weight loss

Brighter eyes & clearer skin 

Healthier hair & nails

Reduced headaches & fuzzy head

Less bloating 

Improved menstrual cycles

Reduced menopausal symptoms

Improved libido


 By investing in your health, you will live a fuller life and feel more free! 


I can’t wait to support you on this exciting phase and get firmly on the road to a happier, healthier population!

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