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Full Moon

The Goddess Tribe

Welcome to The Goddess Tribe- A safe haven where my desire is to empower women to reconnect with their inner Goddess power, reclaim their health and live in harmony with their truly miraculous bodies. I am passionate about empowering women in all areas of their lives because as females, we are literally a powerhouse of divine feminine energy, capable of birthing new life onto this earth yet this miraculous creation that is the female body is underrated and under celebrated! Our female anatomy works very different to men and in fact, the second cycle that our bodies are governed by, known as the Infradian rhythm, is mostly unheard of in our modern world. Women all over are suffering with a whole host of female related health conditions and it is no wonder, because we are simply not taught about our infradian rhythm or in other words.. our 28 day female cycle! It is my mission here to empower women with the knowledge of this second cycle so that they can work harmoniously with their hormones and understand their bodies in a newfound way. If you are suffering with any hormonal imbalances, navigating peri- menopause or menopause, infertility or just damn right painful periods then The Goddess Tribe is for you. As incredible females, our bodies and our hormones need to be understood so that we can adapt our lifestyles to flow in harmony with the different phases of our cycle. Too often, we are expected to “man up” and ignore our hormones in this mans world that we are living in and this causes no end of female health problems. What I want you to know is that your sacred female energy is powerful when you learn to utilise it in a way that is conducive. This knowledge is available to you and despite what you’ve been told, you do not have to accept your debilitating symptoms for the rest of your life! You can make the lifestyle changes to induce happy hormones and ultimately enable your female anatomy to thrive. I will work with you mind, body and spirit to bring your hormones and your suppressed female energy back into balance by teaching you how to love, nurture and wholeheartedly appreciate your miraculous female creation! Work with me to embrace all of the beauty of the female body and truly come back into remembrance of who you are- A Divine Empress with a womb capable of birthing fresh new life onto this Earth! A powerful force of beauty who deserves every ounce of self love, self care and self worth.

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